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hey, everyone. i saw this community by just searching around for a group of people who could just help me with my "fitness" life.

i am 128 lbs and 5'5.
my major "problem" is that i am not toned. i have alot of excess fat around m stomach. it doesnt look bad...i wouldn't call myself overweight or fat but i just want to shed a few pounds and get to be 115 again.

another problem is that i am lazy. i have a very small appetite but do not work out at all. the only working out i do is tap class every week and i am an actor who does chorography for shows and what not and im always busy except during the daytime. so i need help getting up off my butt and start to do some exercises. i just dont know what to do.

any help?


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I really wanted to get opinions from other dieters... I've been dieting AND exercising for a month now. I went to being sedentary to exercising 6 days a week and I have STUCK WITH IT religiously for a month. I've only had two diet mishaps since I've started. I've been counting calories (1200 a day) and fat grams.


I'm so frustrated, almost to the point of crying over it, and I'm not one to cry. I'm just so tired of trying so hard and seeing NO RESULT.

I'm not about to give up, because I really want to lose the weight, but I was wondering if someone could take a look at my journal (this is my diet journal - thenewrachael) and see if there's something I could do to improve or maybe move things along a little faster.

It just seems that since I have SO much weight to lose that it would come off faster, but it's not. I'd be happy with 1-2 lbs a week, but I'm not even seeing that really.


dietingordeath [userpic]

I am so very excited all of my pants are too big.. it rules.. So I ordered like three really cute belts from http://www.vicioustaco.com/ I also got the coolest stickers there... thought I would spread the word about.. since most of you pants are most likely falling down..lol.. I got the dork one and also the pink star.. i am debating on what band I might pick.. i do defintly like the Mrs. Justin timberlake... anyway they are cute.. and cheaper then buying new clothing everytime my pants fall down... cause I am broke and need to make them last as long as possible...

anyway if anyone else knows of good sites to get belts and cute girly stuff cheap let me know..


also if anyone wants any cool ed icons cntact me they are my new fun thing to do...

also also i am starting a fast today wanna join me???

also again i need to know how to cook fish and what is a way I can make them without being to fishy tasteing??

dietingordeath [userpic]

Hello I am new to all the communities I am xposting so I am very sorry if you get this message several hundered times. This will be the onlt time I do it. My name is Mary I am 23 years old. I am what I would call extreem dieting curently I have been binging and purging for about 5 months now.. for at least three months I did not keep one thing down. Mostly because I was having cmplications with my galbaldder and it was inpossible to keep things down.. I had my galbladder removed and I did not want to stop. It had just become so easy and over the span of the 5 months I have lost 58 pounds. I am very happy with my progress. I have joined all of you here cause I despertly need to stay moitvated until I am at my goal weight. My stats are sad but here they are:
current weight: 228
highest: 281
Lowest: 180
GOAL: 130
LOST SO FAR: 58 pounds
So I am not sure if I am anna or not but I have had issues with food my enitre life.. I use it as a comfort. I am now finding much more power not having to relay on food all the time. I am hopping to make freinds here and support one another. I also would love any help you could give me and I would love to help all of you in anyway I can. Thank you for your support in advance I have found so much insperation reading you posts...


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Mai [userpic]

Hi! I'm new to the community and just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself: My name is Maii, I'm 18, and want to loose wait..I want to loose 30 pounds in 1 month...HELP ME PLEASE..I can't live like this..

Sorry..my english susks..

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Take this poll please?

Cross posted, sorry about that, but this is a poll about weight and thus totally relevant.

Charmed and Dangerous [userpic]

I'm new to the community and just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Andrea, I'm 21, and about to graduate from college. Basically, I always make excuses for not getting into a dedicated weight loss program for myself. I know I'm busy, and don't have a lot of time to get to the gym, but at this point, I'm tired of looking the way I do! So I'm really trying to get some tips, and motivation to get started with.
My largest problem is with food. I have a meal plan at the campus dining hall, which makes it incredibly hard to eat well. So any suggestions there would be great!

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Laura Dark [userpic]

I'm starting on "LA Weight Loss" diet. My mom has been on it for 3 days and lost 5.4 pounds! Wish me luck! I want to loose 50 pounds by June!

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*~*Tracy*~* [userpic]

Ok I have a question:

If I do this:

Burn between 400-600 calories a day on a eliptical machine
Do 3 reps of 15 squats
Do 3 reps of 15 lunges
Do 3 reps of Wall push-ups
Do 3 reps of 10 butt pull ups
Do 3 reps of 15 leg lifts
Do 100 crunches a night

What do you think my changes are of losing weight. About 10 pounds and yes I watch what I eat. Mainly fruits and vegetables. Balanced with fish and water...lots of H20.

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