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iris_kiss [userpic]
dream can become truth

I've read some posts in this community.
I can tell you my story.
It was 9 years ago. I was 12 years old. My hips were so big, that I used to wear my fathers jeans.
If you want to know, how big I was, so... my hips were 102 cm, waist 72 cm, breast 92 cm. Rather fat for little girl.
the first step: read books and keep to a diet. I tried diffent, but the next time I realised some simple facts: you should drink a glass of water when you wake up. In a 20 minutes you should eat an apple. This to steps can help you to clean out your stomach.
Food - you should realise, that salt is not good for your bode, because it keeps water out of your cell, but in your organism (it's difficult to explain). And also bread, cookies and so on are not useful for your body, they don't include any vitamin.
The second step is to go in for sports. I began to run every morning, swam 3 times a day (in the summer). Oh my God - my hips looked really thiner. Other time I began to play big tennis (two times a week).
In a year (I was already 13 years old) my hips were 88 cm, waist 64 and breast 88 cm.
Rather good results, m?


Thanks for your story........good luck, that the dream can become truth.
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